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A September Wedding

I got married in September 12th, after 15 years and 6 months of dating. Yes, we were only kids when we found that extra something in each other. And we’ve been through a lot…we still do… but I believe we’re together for the good and the bad, forever.

We grew up together, so to speak. So it made sense to me to be doing this. And, in fact, this was such a crazy year that if it wasn’t for the wedding, I wouldn’t have almost nothing good to say!

So, my wedding saved my year! hehe I wouldn’t change anything that happened that day. Well, maybe the weather… because it rained a lot! But, even the rain and the fog made awesome pictures! Check for yourself. I hope you like the photos!

Have a Happy New Year!!!










Photos by: Miguel Ponte Photography

More Trash the Dress photos, soon! 🙂

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Red on Polka Dot


An almost perfect bouquet: original and unexpensive!
But, the perfect one will be mine. Original and…well…expensive! Hehe Stay tuned for more developments on my wedding planning!

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Wedding Color Scheme 1: Navy Combo

I am dating my fiancé for almost 15 years now, which means half of our lives… I want our wedding day to be the peak of our journey until today, while I still hope to find other peaks and achievements during our married life. We are planning to get married in September 2015.

I am starting to plan and organize my wedding. I want everything to look perfect and original. I want that my guests remember this day for a long time. I want to celebrate Love, because it’s all that really matters in this day.

Help me to choose the perfect color palette, the one that can represent us both, and find some ideas for your own wedding! Here is the first selection:

Navy & Mint

navy and mint wedding color palette

Pros: Navy is definately elegant.

Cons: It can be hard to find the perfect mint tone.

Navy & Silver

navy silver gray wedding palette

Pros: Navy and Silver go very well.

Cons: It may look a bit like a Winter theme.

Navy & Gold

navy gold wedding color palette

Pros: Navy and Gold go well in details.

Cons: The color palette may be associated to an older couple, or to other celebrations like wedding aniversary.

Navy & Lime

navy lime wedding color palette

Pros : The Lime adds color to the Navy in an always elegant way.

Cons: It can be hard to find the perfect Lime wedding stuff.


What’s your favorite Navy palette so far? Stay tuned for other color palette ideas!


Image source: Pinterest

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Oddly Beautiful



“Beauty is the the eye of the beholder”

The things that aren’t obviously beautiful are those who speak louder to my heart. This is a collection of some oddly beautiful tattoos, dresses, animals, flowers, etc. Choose your favorite!

ImageA Flower that looks like a monkey’s face and a beautiful Moth.



This white dress is as strange as beautiful. I would so wear this on my Wedding day! The red shoes are also strange and yet very pretty.

I would definately have one of these tattoos. One is so romantic and the other one is kind of dark and funny at the same time.



I hope you liked this selection. Remember: odd is beautiful.



Credits: Pinterest


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The white dress I’ve been dreamin’ about!

The white dress I've been dreamin' about!

Everyone’s talking about the Vogue cover, well all I can think of is this beautiful Alexander McQueen wedding dress!

You see, I understand Vogue’s fans concerns, but I only see the feathery look, the asymmetry, the covered bust… It’s so dreamy. Wow, I just can’t say enough of this dress. And it’s white! I bet its only defect will be the price. For us mortals, Alexander McQueen is out of reach.

Do you like this dress as much as I do? What do you think about Vogue’s cover photo?


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