Who is the blog white-r?


My name is Alexandra Rentróia and I am a 31 year old gal from a small island in Portugal.

Small islands can be a paradise and a hell at the same time. Especially when you are unemployed. It took me sometime to decide whether to write a blog or not. I thought it was too late to make a statement, and all themes were taken: fashion, cooking, crafting, etc.

But it’s really never too late. I can write about anything I want because I am creative and I love to write.

So basically white is my favorite color, and also a pun to the word “write”. This is a blog about colors, fashion, crafts, art, travel, simple life events, animals and all the good things that make us smile and simply happy to be alive!

I am about to prove myself that I can do it, I can White A Blog!



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