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An Inspiration Photo Shoot

pregnancy photoshoot pink cherry tree

I have never used to think about marriage and kids. I assumed it as something bound to happen, at its own time, but I have never given much thought to it.

Last year, after 15 years and six months of dating the same man, we finally got married. It was a wonderful day that we have planned together and made almost everything by ourselves. We went on a cruise ship for our honeymoon and almost everything happened to go as planned.

Almost nine months later and everyone is thinking: Why aren’t you pregnant? Well, I am not. And I do not know when I will be. Besides taking the time to know my own body, I have been forced to wait again and again, due to some health issues. One of these issues happened not even one week after we return from our honeymoon!

So, I don’t know when I will fall pregnant… or if I will ever be able to have kids, but one thing I know for sure: if I ever get to be blessed with a child, I want to make a photo shoot like this photo from Pink Peonies. I absolutely love it, it looks ethereal, dreamy, magical, beautiful and innocent. Just got to love it! Congratulations to the blogger and mom Rachel Parcell, for such great taste.

As for me, the waiting continues, but I hope not for too long…

What do you think about this photo? Do you agree it is a great inspiration photo shoot? Are you pregnant or planning to get? Getting pregnant is hard for anyone else out there?



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Denim on Denim




Hello people!

Today was Spring. Tomorrow can be Winter again, I just tried to enjoy!


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White Obsession: Take II



If there’s such thing as love at first sight, this was it! I fell in love the moment I saw this white pencil skirt. And I couldn’t rest until I have one for myself. Yes, how shallow of me! Who cares? I got the skirt! ^^

people white skirt stripes


I felt like one in a million, or like a million bucks! I felt so feminine and elegant with little (or not so little) effort!



These photos were taken during a local religious fest. Can you spot where I am? :p

lights night skirt fest


red shoes white skirt shadow


And August is over. Welcome September (jeez, time flies)!

Skirt: Zara Top: H&M Shoes: EBay.uk

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Colors – Take 1: White

Some may say White is not a color, and it’s more like the absence of it. I don’t really care because White is my favorite color. So here is my tribute to all the White marvels out there!

I love white deco, white animals, white clothing, white cars, white flowers, white shoes and pretty much all that’s white. It’s a fresh, pure and peaceful color.

White deco:

white deco room

Room & Coffee

white deco living room

Living Room & Details

White Animals:

white cat and whale

Cat & Whale


white bird and horse

Bird & Horse

White Flowers & Cars :

Orchid, Dress & Lamborghini

white car flower dress

Do you like white a bit more? I do!
Stay tuned for more color related pictures! 😉

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The white dress I’ve been dreamin’ about!

The white dress I've been dreamin' about!

Everyone’s talking about the Vogue cover, well all I can think of is this beautiful Alexander McQueen wedding dress!

You see, I understand Vogue’s fans concerns, but I only see the feathery look, the asymmetry, the covered bust… It’s so dreamy. Wow, I just can’t say enough of this dress. And it’s white! I bet its only defect will be the price. For us mortals, Alexander McQueen is out of reach.

Do you like this dress as much as I do? What do you think about Vogue’s cover photo?


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An eye on YOU!

993794_10153564894210252_1683488600_n   This is my WHITE cat Dexter. Yesterday he was just staring at me, all the time. Creepy! 😀

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Our Love in Squares

Our Love in Squares

I am loving vintage deco! I’ve found inspiration for this on Pinterest and I just knew that I had to do something similar. Recycling is useful and you can achieve great results. These are antique windows, in very good condition. I’ve just printed out some pictures of my love story (lame enough for you? hehe), and added some cute quotes found on the Internet. Just get your hands dirty and dare to recycle & amaze!

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