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A September Wedding

I got married in September 12th, after 15 years and 6 months of dating. Yes, we were only kids when we found that extra something in each other. And we’ve been through a lot…we still do… but I believe we’re together for the good and the bad, forever.

We grew up together, so to speak. So it made sense to me to be doing this. And, in fact, this was such a crazy year that if it wasn’t for the wedding, I wouldn’t have almost nothing good to say!

So, my wedding saved my year! hehe I wouldn’t change anything that happened that day. Well, maybe the weather… because it rained a lot! But, even the rain and the fog made awesome pictures! Check for yourself. I hope you like the photos!

Have a Happy New Year!!!










Photos by: Miguel Ponte Photography

More Trash the Dress photos, soon! 🙂

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Colors – Take 1: White

Some may say White is not a color, and it’s more like the absence of it. I don’t really care because White is my favorite color. So here is my tribute to all the White marvels out there!

I love white deco, white animals, white clothing, white cars, white flowers, white shoes and pretty much all that’s white. It’s a fresh, pure and peaceful color.

White deco:

white deco room

Room & Coffee

white deco living room

Living Room & Details

White Animals:

white cat and whale

Cat & Whale


white bird and horse

Bird & Horse

White Flowers & Cars :

Orchid, Dress & Lamborghini

white car flower dress

Do you like white a bit more? I do!
Stay tuned for more color related pictures! 😉

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