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An Inspiration Photo Shoot

pregnancy photoshoot pink cherry tree

I have never used to think about marriage and kids. I assumed it as something bound to happen, at its own time, but I have never given much thought to it.

Last year, after 15 years and six months of dating the same man, we finally got married. It was a wonderful day that we have planned together and made almost everything by ourselves. We went on a cruise ship for our honeymoon and almost everything happened to go as planned.

Almost nine months later and everyone is thinking: Why aren’t you pregnant? Well, I am not. And I do not know when I will be. Besides taking the time to know my own body, I have been forced to wait again and again, due to some health issues. One of these issues happened not even one week after we return from our honeymoon!

So, I don’t know when I will fall pregnant… or if I will ever be able to have kids, but one thing I know for sure: if I ever get to be blessed with a child, I want to make a photo shoot like this photo from Pink Peonies. I absolutely love it, it looks ethereal, dreamy, magical, beautiful and innocent. Just got to love it! Congratulations to the blogger and mom Rachel Parcell, for such great taste.

As for me, the waiting continues, but I hope not for too long…

What do you think about this photo? Do you agree it is a great inspiration photo shoot? Are you pregnant or planning to get? Getting pregnant is hard for anyone else out there?



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All is Okay…

red & stripes

Often people judge each other by their appearance and the way they present themselves. Well, these are valid basis when you do not have anything besides that.

But, me, like many people, try to hide how we actually feel. Either because we do not want to be asked again and again about what is going on, but also because basically we do not want to look sad and depressed.

This photo was taken a week ago, when I could not wear heels. Actually, a week later and I still can’t. I had a back pain that spread to my leg and, I am having dificulties walking. But I wanted to look okay.

All is okay when it SEEMS okay…


Blazer: Springfield (old) Skorts: Oxygene Shoes: Local store Shirt: H&M (old) Sunglasses: Local Store

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God bless the Summer!

Summer is finally here!

Days are bigger and hotter, and nothing seems to be as bad and dark as it would be in Winter. I believe that brighter days are the best for your soul and mind!


I confess that I prefer Winter clothes because they always seem more glamorous. When it comes to shoes, well I just can’t decide what’s best. I mean, shoes are shoes! It’s always good! hehe

I also must confess that these shoes are one of the most awful shoes to walk in. I love them but they are extremely unconfortable and they don’t fit me that well.



But I guess that when you love a pair…you just won’t give up that easily! I am a size 4 and this is more like a size 3, so you can imagine my pain…

Enjoy your Summer, preferably in wonderful shoes (confortable if possible)!


Shoes: EBay Jeans: Mango Shirt: Local Store Necklace: Stradivarius Sunglasses: Pump

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Paris is Not Romantic, a Diary.

paris notre dame vacation

Yes, I have chosen Paris. And, it was a wise decision! I came back last week, tired and marveled! It is a beautiful, very cultural and expensive city, I must say. I would advise everyone to go to Paris at least once in your life! And trust me, I thought Paris was such a huge cliché!

paris river bridge vacation

paris museum army war

I don’t think Paris is romantic. How can it be? Everyone is doing the same, at the same time and in the same space! Okay, we have thrown our love lock keys into the river Seine (oops, the bridge is falling apart) and we went to the Eiffel Tower at night. But, none of these places reminded me of romance. It was crowded and everyone was trying to either sell me something or trying to deceive me. Well, almost all cities have these disadvantages, right?

Please  check the Army Museum in the background. What a wonderful building and exhibition! It was weird and impressive to be able to see so many things related to war and death…

paris eiffel tower

I will show you more pictures soon. I hope you enjoyed these. In fact, everything in Paris seems to be buildt to impress. 🙂

Au revoir!

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Stripes & Brown, a new approach

skorts shortsOkay, I know. This is not a common combination and you are tired of bloggers posting outfits with this type of shorts, or should I say skorts?

I never had a pair of skorts before. Not even those in white from Zara. I confess that at first I liked it, but after seeing so many women wearing it, I kind of felt like I was going to be 1 in 1000.000000.00000000.000000! Whatever number this is!

But these skorts from Stradivarius completely caught my attention. Maybe it’s the fabric, maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s both! This color looks great with my skin tone, don’t you think? And, this is how a fairly common piece of clothing blends in and still looks great and fresh.

skorts shorts stripes blazer

So, the opportunity to wear it came sooner than I thought. I had an invitation for a Fashion presentation last Saturday, and I really thought I could look fashionable and elegant at the same time. I was talking to my best friend about this same combination: stripes + brown. And, well why not to try it! This was the result.


I hope you enjoy yet another skorts outfit! 🙂


Skorts: Stradivarius Shoes: Zara (old) Blazer: Zara A/W’13 Top: Morgan (old)

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White Obsession: Take II



If there’s such thing as love at first sight, this was it! I fell in love the moment I saw this white pencil skirt. And I couldn’t rest until I have one for myself. Yes, how shallow of me! Who cares? I got the skirt! ^^

people white skirt stripes


I felt like one in a million, or like a million bucks! I felt so feminine and elegant with little (or not so little) effort!



These photos were taken during a local religious fest. Can you spot where I am? :p

lights night skirt fest


red shoes white skirt shadow


And August is over. Welcome September (jeez, time flies)!

Skirt: Zara Top: H&M Shoes: EBay.uk

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Turn Back Time

full midi skirt

scenic print

DSC_0963 (2)

scenic print art



This was my outfit for this Sunday. It’s a full midi skirt with a scenic print. Because life is a piece of Art!

My pets were all around me as you can see. The white and brown kitty followed my mom and she wants to keep him. I want to name him Lótus. 🙂

I hope you like my bright, fun, artsy outfit!

Skirt: Chicwish Shoes: Berskha (old) Necklace: a souvenir gift from Turkey

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Inspiration Time

PicMonkey Collage

I usually don’t post about other blogs posts. For no particular reason, it just didn’t happen before. But, I fell in love so hard for this Rock and Roses outfit that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

First of all, the blogger Silvia is stunning. And, basically everything that she is wearing in this post! I love the top combined with this gorgeous Zara pencil skirt (I am sooo going to try to buy it) and the Casadei shoes…well, what can I say?? And, she is in Dubai during the photo shoot, what else?

I am not sure if this kind of skirt will fit me well. You know, us short curvy girls have some struggles with these kinds of clothing. But I don’t think I can resist…

What do you think? Have you fallen in love too? Have you visited Dubai, or is it in your plans? Let me know!


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Start the Countdown

Start the Countdown

Seriously, I can’t wait for April 10th! The new H&M Conscious Collection is stunning! From old Hollywood glamour to lace dresses, the collection has it all.

I would be in line to buy this black dress, but I don’t think the full collection will be available at my local stores. I can only hope to buy it online… and hope it’s not too expensive! Times demand precaution in what concerns shopping. I should only buy what I need – by the way, this would only happen in 15 years – or buy what I really, really, really like. And I do like this black dress. I love the shape, I am even considering applying it to other type of dress… I’ll tell you all about that later. 🙂

What do you think about this new collection? Do you own previous H&M’s Conscious Collection items?


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Which one is your favorite? I can’t pick one!

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