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First Time in Africa – Casablanca, Morocco

Well, I have to confess that Casablanca was not the best experience ever. But, the thing is that I took these awesome photos! Not everything was bad, hun?



This is Hassan II Mosque, right next to the ocean.


These were the Hassan II Mosque gardens. Along with the Mosque, this was the nicest place we’ve seen in Casablanca.



I can only say that Casablanca is not prepared for tourism. Or to be a connection harbour for cruise ships. I think that they have to change their minds about this in order to prosper and become a nicer place to stop. But, it’s also important to underline that we didn’t have any problems, and everything went as we planned.

Anyway, this was in fact the first time I laid a foot in Africa. I wish I could know a little bit more about this continent in my lifetime.



Jeans, Bag & Blouse: Zara Oxfords: Local Store

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Colored pants, a new look.

For such a long time I did not liked colored pants. Not for me as a woman, even worse if it was for a man. I just don’t know, but I thought it looked cheap and funny. Can’t exactly explain why I felt this way, but I did. But, as we all know, we keep changing our minds as we get old. 🙂

mens fashion

Well, lately I found myself wearing colored pants. And, my babe, as well. These mustard Scotch and Soda pants are just an eye catcher, right? At first I didn’t like it that much, and thought that he wouldn’t as well. Guess I was wrong! So, I couldn’t resist to make my first post about men’s fashion. I think he did well, so the world deserves to know! 😀

We’ve been in a cruise ship for a week and a half. It was our honeymoon. Yes, I got married, even though I haven’t posted anything about it. Just wait for the official (and stunning) photos!

These specific photos were taken at the Vatican City, in Italy. It was a quick stop, and I certainly will go back to Rome some other time in my life.

Roma 4

And, this was my outfit for this day. He did much better than I did, right? Must have been the seasickness! Hehe

Roma 3

Hope you all enjoy these photos!

How do you feel about colored pants? Have you ever been in a cruise ship, what was the experience like? And what about Italy, have you been there?


Cláudio’s Outfit: Pants – Scotch and Soda Tee – Pull & Bear (old) Jumper – Springfield Shoes – Rockport Sunglasses – Arnette

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Where should I go?

paris barcelona travel

Help me to choose! Either way my heart is in Santorini, that beautiful Greek Island! But, until then I need to escape my own island for a while.

Here’s some things to consider:

– I’ve never been to Paris, and I have been in Barcelona before.

– Paris is an expensive destination. We’ll have to pay for everything we’ll do.

– Both cities have a lot to see: Culture, Architecture, Shopping, etc.

– I loved Barcelona and I wouldn’t mind going back.

– I always thought of Paris as a cliché… 🙂

What are your opinions? Where should I go next week?


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Inspiration Time

PicMonkey Collage

I usually don’t post about other blogs posts. For no particular reason, it just didn’t happen before. But, I fell in love so hard for this Rock and Roses outfit that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

First of all, the blogger Silvia is stunning. And, basically everything that she is wearing in this post! I love the top combined with this gorgeous Zara pencil skirt (I am sooo going to try to buy it) and the Casadei shoes…well, what can I say?? And, she is in Dubai during the photo shoot, what else?

I am not sure if this kind of skirt will fit me well. You know, us short curvy girls have some struggles with these kinds of clothing. But I don’t think I can resist…

What do you think? Have you fallen in love too? Have you visited Dubai, or is it in your plans? Let me know!


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