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It’s a boy! My boy…

Finally we found out our baby’s gender. Call it (future) mother’s intuition but I always felt it was a boy growing inside me. And, I was right.

Before finding out, in my head it was hard to make sense to girls’ names even though I always looked at girl’s clothing and decoration. If in fact I was having a girl I would be completely surprised. I mean, I was so sure it was a boy!

We are calling him Lucas. I love this name, it’s simple and strong. I think he will like it too. I can remember playing Sims and I always named someone Lucas!

If you give the right attention to the small details in your life, you will find patterns. These patterns usually help you to learn more about yourself and what you really like. Imagine Pinterest. If you look at all the saved Pins, you will find a few that are similar, and will allow someone else, for example, to learn that you love cats more than dogs, that you love scandinavian home decor and that you love midi skirts (okay, this is me)!

So I discovered that I really liked the name Lucas. No longer for a Sim character, but for a real boy that will come to this world February 2017…

Do you have kids? Are you expecting a boy or a girl? Did you had the right intuition about the gender? Did / do you have any fears? Tell me, tell me!


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Struggling to Find Time to be Happy…


Have you ever felt that you should be happy about something happening in your life, but you could not find the time to be happy about it?

After some time trying to get pregnant –  in the meantime almost everything have happened except that – we are finally becoming parents February 23rd next year!  I am still a bit numb, but I am surely happy! I know I am. I just have not found time yet to stop and enjoy the new life growing inside me. And, every time I think about it, I realise it is sad.

I can imagine that many future moms are going through the same right now: having to work during pregnancy. It is what normal people do. What we have to do to provide for our family, to be independent. But, these first three to four months have been truly a challenge! Not for the pregnancy itself, but for the fact that I feel very tired – okay, this is a pregnancy symptom – and stressed out about work. I can not seem to find the time to sit, touch my growing belly and thank God and the Universe for this blessing. I keep just foreseeing the possible problems in the future.

I am writing this to try to unburden myself from this awkward situation. Not finding time to be happy…

I hope that when I find out the gender – I wanted to keep it a secret, but my husband wants to know – I finally start building my relationship with this baby… and start shopping accordingly! I really wish to feel light and happy  and enjoy this time of my life!

What about you, are you a working mom? Do you find the same problems? Any advices?


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An Inspiration Photo Shoot

pregnancy photoshoot pink cherry tree

I have never used to think about marriage and kids. I assumed it as something bound to happen, at its own time, but I have never given much thought to it.

Last year, after 15 years and six months of dating the same man, we finally got married. It was a wonderful day that we have planned together and made almost everything by ourselves. We went on a cruise ship for our honeymoon and almost everything happened to go as planned.

Almost nine months later and everyone is thinking: Why aren’t you pregnant? Well, I am not. And I do not know when I will be. Besides taking the time to know my own body, I have been forced to wait again and again, due to some health issues. One of these issues happened not even one week after we return from our honeymoon!

So, I don’t know when I will fall pregnant… or if I will ever be able to have kids, but one thing I know for sure: if I ever get to be blessed with a child, I want to make a photo shoot like this photo from Pink Peonies. I absolutely love it, it looks ethereal, dreamy, magical, beautiful and innocent. Just got to love it! Congratulations to the blogger and mom Rachel Parcell, for such great taste.

As for me, the waiting continues, but I hope not for too long…

What do you think about this photo? Do you agree it is a great inspiration photo shoot? Are you pregnant or planning to get? Getting pregnant is hard for anyone else out there?



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