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The Small Ladies in Voluminous Dresses


I used to talk to these flowers imagining they were little ladies with voluminous dresses and many frills. Ladies who, with their many legs danced in imaginary balls and were my company in summer afternoons. I swear I could even hear the music and the sound of their many shoes hitting one another.

So many days have passed since my imagination was enough to entertain myself and be happy. When you are a kid, talking to yourself out loud is no sign of madness.

I used to be so entertained in this process that even when my parents were mocking me from where they were standing, it took me a while to figure it out and stop talking for a while. But, just until they left. And, I went back to that small world that only existed in summer afternoons.

I usually went back home at dusk, when the crickets were echoing their voices, and I just let the flowers scattered on the floor because after all, I could just pick some more on the following day. There was this certainty of continuity…

Today none of this happens. I no longer have so much imagination, there are no imaginary balls or someone forgot to invite me. I cannot even find these flowers that often. There is no certainty of continuity, only fear of what may be next.

No more ladies with many legs and shoes. Just me with two legs…and many shoes! 🙂

What is this seriousness that comes with age? What happened?

I grew up.

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Look at the night skies

Look at the night skies

When I was a little girl I wanted to be an Astronaut. In fact, it was the first Profession that I chose. I wanted to look Earth from above. I wanted to see the planets, I wanted to get sick of counting stars, I wanted to feel that I was so tiny and at the same time so important that I was standing up there, in the night skies…

I have changed my mind since then…like a million times! And, no I am not an Astronaut. But, I can’t restrain my mind from travelling back to those days when I knew exactly what I wanted and was such a dreamer that I just wanted to be on a rocket ship and travel to Space! So that’s why I completely understand Buzz Aldrin’s quote “The biggest benefit of Apollo was the inspiration it gave to a growing generation to get into science and aerospace.” I was born only in the eighties, but the Man on The Moon was still very present in people’s minds.

I hope this NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg knows how lucky and privileged she is!

What was your childhood dream?


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