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All is Okay…

red & stripes

Often people judge each other by their appearance and the way they present themselves. Well, these are valid basis when you do not have anything besides that.

But, me, like many people, try to hide how we actually feel. Either because we do not want to be asked again and again about what is going on, but also because basically we do not want to look sad and depressed.

This photo was taken a week ago, when I could not wear heels. Actually, a week later and I still can’t. I had a back pain that spread to my leg and, I am having dificulties walking. But I wanted to look okay.

All is okay when it SEEMS okay…


Blazer: Springfield (old) Skorts: Oxygene Shoes: Local store Shirt: H&M (old) Sunglasses: Local Store

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Colored pants, a new look.

For such a long time I did not liked colored pants. Not for me as a woman, even worse if it was for a man. I just don’t know, but I thought it looked cheap and funny. Can’t exactly explain why I felt this way, but I did. But, as we all know, we keep changing our minds as we get old. 🙂

mens fashion

Well, lately I found myself wearing colored pants. And, my babe, as well. These mustard Scotch and Soda pants are just an eye catcher, right? At first I didn’t like it that much, and thought that he wouldn’t as well. Guess I was wrong! So, I couldn’t resist to make my first post about men’s fashion. I think he did well, so the world deserves to know! 😀

We’ve been in a cruise ship for a week and a half. It was our honeymoon. Yes, I got married, even though I haven’t posted anything about it. Just wait for the official (and stunning) photos!

These specific photos were taken at the Vatican City, in Italy. It was a quick stop, and I certainly will go back to Rome some other time in my life.

Roma 4

And, this was my outfit for this day. He did much better than I did, right? Must have been the seasickness! Hehe

Roma 3

Hope you all enjoy these photos!

How do you feel about colored pants? Have you ever been in a cruise ship, what was the experience like? And what about Italy, have you been there?


Cláudio’s Outfit: Pants – Scotch and Soda Tee – Pull & Bear (old) Jumper – Springfield Shoes – Rockport Sunglasses – Arnette

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God bless the Summer!

Summer is finally here!

Days are bigger and hotter, and nothing seems to be as bad and dark as it would be in Winter. I believe that brighter days are the best for your soul and mind!


I confess that I prefer Winter clothes because they always seem more glamorous. When it comes to shoes, well I just can’t decide what’s best. I mean, shoes are shoes! It’s always good! hehe

I also must confess that these shoes are one of the most awful shoes to walk in. I love them but they are extremely unconfortable and they don’t fit me that well.



But I guess that when you love a pair…you just won’t give up that easily! I am a size 4 and this is more like a size 3, so you can imagine my pain…

Enjoy your Summer, preferably in wonderful shoes (confortable if possible)!


Shoes: EBay Jeans: Mango Shirt: Local Store Necklace: Stradivarius Sunglasses: Pump

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When in Spring


When in Spring be all about flowers. 😉
Shoes: Zara (old) Jeans: Zara (old) Tunic: Mezkha Necklace: Bijou Brigitte


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Eat them all

That’s what my t-shirt says. 🙂


Shoes: Zara (old) Sweatpants: H&M FW’14 T-shirt and cropped Blazer: Tally Weijl

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Denim on Denim




Hello people!

Today was Spring. Tomorrow can be Winter again, I just tried to enjoy!


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Paris is not a cliché, a Diary II

paris eiffel tower earcuff fashion

I believe now that Paris is only a cliché if you decide to stay in your hotel room, or if you expect to perform the romantic scenes you see in the movies. Otherwise, Paris is culture, diversification, multiculturalism, exquisite architecture, history, etc, etc.

I really could go on. And this is kind of a surprise for me, as I expected it to be just a simple escape from the daily (and exhausting) routine. But, it was so much more! This trip meant a lot to me. I hate flying, but I was “stuck” in this small island for an entire year, and so many things happened. I really needed to get my sh*t together – my boyfriend loves this expression – and travel! I couldn’t have asked for more. Okay, maybe I could have asked for an extra days off to rest because we came back even more tired than when we left! But it was worth it!

What about you? Have you travelled to somewhere special this year? Any surprises? Do you (dis)like flying?

Tchau…or au revoir!

Photo: Galeries LaFayette terrace

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Stripes & Brown, a new approach

skorts shortsOkay, I know. This is not a common combination and you are tired of bloggers posting outfits with this type of shorts, or should I say skorts?

I never had a pair of skorts before. Not even those in white from Zara. I confess that at first I liked it, but after seeing so many women wearing it, I kind of felt like I was going to be 1 in 1000.000000.00000000.000000! Whatever number this is!

But these skorts from Stradivarius completely caught my attention. Maybe it’s the fabric, maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s both! This color looks great with my skin tone, don’t you think? And, this is how a fairly common piece of clothing blends in and still looks great and fresh.

skorts shorts stripes blazer

So, the opportunity to wear it came sooner than I thought. I had an invitation for a Fashion presentation last Saturday, and I really thought I could look fashionable and elegant at the same time. I was talking to my best friend about this same combination: stripes + brown. And, well why not to try it! This was the result.


I hope you enjoy yet another skorts outfit! 🙂


Skorts: Stradivarius Shoes: Zara (old) Blazer: Zara A/W’13 Top: Morgan (old)

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White Obsession: Take II



If there’s such thing as love at first sight, this was it! I fell in love the moment I saw this white pencil skirt. And I couldn’t rest until I have one for myself. Yes, how shallow of me! Who cares? I got the skirt! ^^

people white skirt stripes


I felt like one in a million, or like a million bucks! I felt so feminine and elegant with little (or not so little) effort!



These photos were taken during a local religious fest. Can you spot where I am? :p

lights night skirt fest


red shoes white skirt shadow


And August is over. Welcome September (jeez, time flies)!

Skirt: Zara Top: H&M Shoes:

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