The Act of Loving

I guess I didn’t know the extent of the love I could feel for an animal, for a pet, until Fiona came into our lives.


We already had Dexter, my other cat, and he had to conquer his space in the family, so this made it easier for Fiona.

I remember being a child a crying over my dead pets. For many years I haven’t felt this, and it’s both fulfilling and scary. What if something happens to her? What if something happens to Dexter? I feel that no matter how much we try to protect them, we can’t predict every possible scenario.

I get mad at them so many times, but it doesn’t last long. I get mad because my house is dirty and they are ruining my furniture. BUT, I simply can’t no longer imagine this house without them. Because it would be exactly that: a House, not a Home.

What about you, do you have pets? Do you get mad at them? Are you as afraid of losing them, as I am? Tell me!


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