Paris is not a cliché, a Diary II

paris eiffel tower earcuff fashion

I believe now that Paris is only a cliché if you decide to stay in your hotel room, or if you expect to perform the romantic scenes you see in the movies. Otherwise, Paris is culture, diversification, multiculturalism, exquisite architecture, history, etc, etc.

I really could go on. And this is kind of a surprise for me, as I expected it to be just a simple escape from the daily (and exhausting) routine. But, it was so much more! This trip meant a lot to me. I hate flying, but I was “stuck” in this small island for an entire year, and so many things happened. I really needed to get my sh*t together – my boyfriend loves this expression – and travel! I couldn’t have asked for more. Okay, maybe I could have asked for an extra days off to rest because we came back even more tired than when we left! But it was worth it!

What about you? Have you travelled to somewhere special this year? Any surprises? Do you (dis)like flying?

Tchau…or au revoir!

Photo: Galeries LaFayette terrace

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