It’s a…

kitty II

It was exactly one month ago when I last created a post. I’ve been busy, but today I wanted to share with you the love for my pet, and of course show you my outfit.

This is Dexter, my white, playful cat. I have him for almost a year now, and we both have been through a lot in this relationship. I had a hard time adapting to his presence and to all the fur inside the house. He got sick and almost died. So now I guess we are both in a happy place.


Dexter was an abandoned cat. I have named him after the famous TV show “Dexter”. Not because he’s some sort of rats and lizards serial killer, but because when I found him, his ears had some blood and he was a mess. We take good care of him and keep him inside the house, but the damage was already done. His ears never completely healed, and continued furless. So we have to apply sunscreen when he goes outside, because he still loves to do it.

I have developed such an affection for this little fury ball, that I can’t imagine my life without him!

Says the Cat: ” I don’t usually want to cuddle, but when I do, you are wearing all black and about to leave for work.”

Today I was not wearing black, but navy…which is about the same. But I think it was me who wanted to cuddle, like I always do!

inside 1

Both the shoes and the cullotte were bought on sale. I think it’s an elegant and chic outfit for work, or for a night out if you wish. What do you think?

inside iii

When I first saw this cullotte I instantly remembered Sex and The City, Carrie Bradshaw. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a suit with a similar shape in one of the episodes. So I had to have this. These days everyone wears super short Shorts, so I like to make the difference.

Do you like the combination? Would you wear the cullotte? Is this more of a work outfit or a night out type?

Cullotte: Zara Shoes: Zara Crop Top: H&M

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