How to do Typography Nails



I never liked paying to have my nails done. Not because I am a cheapskate – which I know I’m not, you can ask my closet – but because most part of the times I felt I was highly paying for something that I could do myself. And, when you do things by yourself it always feels better when someone compliments you!

This will be my first post on “How to” and also my first about Manicure. I hope you like it, and I hope to continue to share my Nail experiences with you.


  • Nail polish, preferably two different colors
  • Base coat
  • Top Coat
  • Paper Journal
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • A small container
  • Alcohol


First you will need to apply a base coat to your nails. My nails are extremely weak and break easily with or without a base coat. Although it’s highly recommendable that you apply it. Mine is from Essence. I must confess that Essence is not an excellent brand for nail polish, but it’s not very expensive and they have a wide range of colors and variations. Also, it’s very easy and quick to apply. The bristles of the brush are round, which helps a lot. I rarely paint beyond the nail! hehe

Let the base coat dry for a few minutes and then you can apply the first layer – I always put two – of nail polish of your choice. I would recommend that you choose two different colors, leaving the lighter one for the statement nail. It will work better with the letters. In my case I have chosen white and orange red. This is the perfect nail job for me, I must say. Having the statement nail has become my trademark, some may say, but besides that I love when people look at the statement nail with a big question mark on their foreheads: How did you do that?!

After applying the nail polish, let it completely dry for at least 30 minutes, and 45 minutes or more for the statement nail. By my experience, the ideal is to paint the nails the day before, allowing it to dry perfectly. This will reflect when you are working on the statement nail. Don’t you hate when you spend some time and patience getting your nails done perfectly and then you:

  1. Need to go to the Bathroom;
  2. Need to scratch your head;
  3. Fall asleep and wake up with bed sheet (not sheep) print in your face…and nails!

I do! I feel like taking it all of and leave my nails au naturel! But I have never done that. Plain nails it’s just so not me. Although it seems what I did here! This photo is just to exemplify. I wore the the red and white nails the other day, when I took the photo. Today I am using 500 Caramel Cupcake from Rimmel London.

ImageAfter allowing your nail polish to dry, you will need thepaper journal and alcohol. Cut the paper in small squares. I must say that some paper is not very good for the paint transfer. My guess is that the stiffer the paper the longer will take to have the paint transfered, if at all possible! And if it takes too long, the nail polish will loose bright and consistancy. So be sure the paper is relatively smooth.

ImagePut the pieces of paper into the small container and drop some alcohol. Leave it there for some minutes, maybe 5 minutes will be enough. Then, use the tweezers to catch the paper and put it on top of the statement nail. Pressure a little bit, and for a couple of seconds. Don’t apply too much pressure or it will ruin the nail polish. Lift an edge of the paper to check if the paint was already transfered to your nail. You can now apply the top coat. Et voilá!


What do you think about the final result? Isn’t this creative and beautiful? Was it difficult?

Please let me know all about the process! I really hope you like to “read between the lines”!


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