Spring Break – Wish List


This is the Spring Break. It’s still too soon for my Birthday, but I feel like putting together a Wish List! Some items are way more affordable than others, but hey a girl can dream, right? The last time I checked, it was still free! So, please check my Wish List Nr.1.

Asos is one of the best websites I know. Free Shipping costs, they post worldwide and you can find items at prices that suit all pockets.

While I was a little girl and even a teenager, I never considered myself a very feminine person. And I say this because I didn’t like skirts or dresses. I wanted to play free regardless my clothing, and skirts and dresses unconsciously made me behave like an adult, and I just wanted to be a child! So it’s a bit weird that my first selection of today goes to dresses and skirts. I guess I am really a grown-up now!

I love these Midi-Skirts! They are so elegant and beautiful that I can’t get enough! If I could, I would buy one in each color, but unfortunately I only have one in black. Anyway, while spring cleaning my Closet, I’ve found a dress that has exactly this cut. So Fashion is cyclic, and I’m glad it is!

The dress… well, it’s a bit expensive for my budget, but I simply love it! I love the cut, the shoulders, the embroidery, even the color! Okay, what I don’t like is exactly the price. Maybe I can find a similar version somewhere…

Stay tuned for Whislist Nr.2, I promise it’s not going to be about skirts! 🙂


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