Everyone does the same things on Valentine’s Day…and night! Roses, chocolates, perfumes, teddy bears… dinners, Long kisses, promises of eternal Love. It’s true, this time I was one of those millions! But instead I gave him a card – like I’ve always done through all these years we’ve been dating – and a book named 1001 Cars To Dream of Driving Before You Die. Also, I reserved a table at an Italian restaurant I wanted to try for a while now.


He gave me something special that I was waiting for quite some time. But I’ll post about that later on because some adjustments had to be made. The truth is, I liked my present, and so has he.

Like I have mentioned in other posts, I live in a semi tropical island. That means we get to wear all kinds of clothing during winter. Basically, that’s why I wore this last Friday, for our Valentine’s Dinner. I was okay when I left the house, but it got colder later.


The full skirt protected my legs a little bit, but we have snow on the higher mountains and I am always cold. So, you can imagine how cold was I! Anyway, my friends say that I never wear winter appropriate clothing…

This earcuff has a loong story. In fact, this was my third Zara Earcuff. It was sold out in stores, so I bought one in China (imitation, of course). Then, I found one here in my country, from Zara. I have tried to cancel the other one, but I got both. In conclusion, one was too big for my small ears and the other one – from Zara – was broken. Well, how lucky was I? NOT! So, I tried to amend my mistakes and offered the good one to my friend. Then, let’s call it karma, helped a little bit and I’ve found this Zara Earcuff on sale!

And what about my nails? It was all me!


The important thing about this day was that I felt elegant due to my outfit, and very very special because my better half made me feel like that. And, that’s LOVE.

I hope you had LOVE on this day, no matter what kind!

Jacket: EBay Skirt: H&M Shoes: Zara Bag: Stradivarius Watch: One Earcuff; Zara

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