Looking for the shoes!

It’s been a week since the Golden Globes. By the way, congrats Leo, you’re worth it!

Everyone posts about the dresses from the Golden Globes. What about the shoes? I know that usually the shoes are hidden underneath the gown, so I looked for those “peek a boo” dresses!

I made a selection of four shoes.

Aubrey Plaza

These floral shoes are very cute. Usually we see the celebrities wearing one color shoes, so this was a pleasant surprise. Let’s face it, it must not be easy to pick a pair of shoes that go well with a two tone dress, especially pink and purple! In fact, I like the dress too. It has a fun and modern cut.

But let’s go back to the shoes again.


I kind of like Caitlin FitzGerald’s dress. It’s a bit retro, but I love the low cut shape.  The shoes complement the dress perfectly. The combination of sky blue and a pink-ish shade is very original and cute. This vamp style shoes is a passion of mine! I would wear these type of shoes each day if it wasn’t for the cold outside! Still, I think I can wear during the day. Aww, the advantages of living in a semi tropical island!

Just as a final note, and even before showing you my other options, these shoes that Caitlin wore, are my favourite.

And here comes Zooey!


I really don’t like Zooey’s dress, and despite haven’t figured out if these are heels or ballerinas, I like her shoes! Great nude color and texture! I would wear these, no problem with it!


And here’s another homophone Zoe! These are the type of shoes that almost every woman would like to have: timeless and chic. These are elegant beyond words. I do not like her dress, despite some good critiques. I only, truly like her shoes.

Okay, so now I feel the need to show you my top dresses of this edition of the Golden Globes. I don’t have an absolute favorite, but as you can see they form a pattern: black or pink-ish. If I had to choose a favorite, I would probably say the one that Maria Menounos (number 2 from the left) wore. Bright color, perfect sheer.


What about you, were you peeking at the celebrities shoes as well? What was your favorite pair from my selection? What’s your favorite gown? Tell me, tell me…


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