The Rock Stud Inspiration

We all get fashion inspiration from great designers. But we don’t always buy their product, just because we can’t afford it. But oh, we wish!

Here is a pair of inspiration Valentino shoes, the Rockstud in Hotpink. They’re gorgeous, really. We’ve seen many celebrities wearing them in all its variations, and I just can’t stop looking at them!


Aww… shoes! Okay, back to reality. Not all of us can buy such a pricey item. A pair of these gorgeous shoes is around £800 – or $1.300 – but that’s one of the reasons why I keep playing the lottery!

Meanwhile, I don’t have to restrain my feelings and just dream about these wonderful shoes. EBay is my savior! Aleluia!

Different sellers will offer you various colors, high, medium or no heel at all! You can choose from different prices as well. What else could we ask for? Well, they’re not exactly the same thing as the original, and you have to be careful when you are buying. Please pay attention to the heel height and the quality of the shoe material… I bought a pair last September, so I know what I’m sayin’ gals! Cof, cof…

Tchau! 😉

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